Citizens and Citoyennes

Required Reading:

Susan Desan, “Constitutional Amazons: Jacobin Women’s Clubs in the French Revolution,” in Bryant Ragan and Elizabeth Williams, eds., Reconstructing Authority in the French Revolution (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1992)

Katie Jarvis, “The Cost of Female Citizenship: How Price Controls Gendered Democracy in Revolutionary France,” French Historical Studies, 41:4 (October 2018)


Olympe de Gouges, “Declaration of The Rights of Women” (1791)

Seminar Topics

During the French Revolution, women discovered a new sense of empowerment as radical and democratic ideas of emancipation spread. Discussion will look at the ways in which women experienced the French Revolution, with special attention given to how women posed new questions and challenges for political participation and citizenship.

Questions to consider:

  1. Do Desan and Jarvis share the same views regarding how and why women were politicized during the years of the revolution?
  2. Why were female political clubs seen as a threat?
  3. What demands did female participants make when seeking emancipation?

Further Reading:

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