Anarchism in the Fin de Siecle


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Seminar Topics

During the late nineteenth century, European politics exhibited an increasing violence due to the rise of anarchism in continental and international politics. Seminar discussion will consider how the re-emergence of violence and the changes taking place at the end of the century impacted other political groups like the liberals and socialists. We will examine what challenges the fin-de-siècle posed for European politics and the implications that terrorism had for the European left and the revolutionary tradition.

Questions to consider:

  1. Did events like the Paris Commune and Russian Revolution of 1905 change or influence conceptions of the revolution? If so, in what ways?
  2. According to Jennings, what was syndicalism and how did it differ from other forms of socialism?
  3. What does Khuri-Makdisi claim lead to the creation of a global radical culture in the late nineteenth century?
  4. What proposals made by Jaures and Millerand seem at odds with established socialist thinking?
  5. What distinguished the “new liberalism” of the early twentieth century with the classical liberalism of the post-revolutionary period?

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